The threading on oil country tubular goods is very important to the performance of the pipe. Once the pipe is threaded, the joints can be joined together via a coupling to create the “string”. Each connection must be able to resist internal and external pressure without leaking.
There are two main threading types used in oil country tubular goods tubing and casing, Round and Buttress. We offer the following standard API end finishes for our products:

  • For Tubing, we offer round threading consisting of standard external upset ends (EUE) and non-upset end (NUE).
  • For Casing, we offer 8 round short threading (STC), round long threading (LTC) connections, and buttress threading (BTC) connections.

In addition, several modified and/or special connection features can be provided on request. All threading types are inspected prior to shipment to ensure proper API specifications are met. Sim-Tex representatives work closely with the processors as added assurance, the final product meets all API customer reqirements.

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