If you suspect you may have a Warranty Claim, please assist us in resolving your claim by taking the following steps:

1. Notification. Notify Sim-Tex as soon as possible and in any event within 10 business days after discovery that a potential claim may exist.

2. Contact our Claims Manager. Contact Warranty Claims at claims@sim-tex.com or (713) 450-3940 to begin the claims process. Don’t delay this step, even if you don’t yet have all the information needed for the claim.

3. Preservation of Involved Materials. Segregate the materials you are concerned about as well as all goods from the same purchase order or release number to facilitate inspection and testing. Maintain all records as to custody of the goods at all times after delivery.

4. Give Us Information. Providing us with the information listed below will assist us in expediting your claim:

a. Purchase Order number for materials in question;
b. Sim-Tex release number;
c. Location where the problem occurred or was discovered;
d. Well name and ID number if known;
e. Copies of any daily rig reports and drilling and completion reports; and
f. Name, phone number and email address of each person relevant to the claim.
g. As your claim proceeds, promptly provide any other information Sim-Tex reasonably requests relating to your claim.

5. Access To Materials Involved In Claim. Sim-Tex reserves the right to conduct an independent evaluation and laboratory testing of the materials involved in the claim. Access to the location where the problem occurred or was discovered, and access to all materials involved if requested should be allowed to authorized Sim-Tex personnel. Sim-Tex must have this access to enable it and its representatives to evaluate the claim.

6. Testing Requirements. Any testing, whether done by Sim-Tex or by you or your customer or any third party must be done by an accredited, independent, third-party laboratory. For each test conducted, all involved parties shall be provided with adequate advance notice so that representatives can be present if necessary.

Sim-Tex must be allowed to participate in development and approval of the testing protocol.

7. Provide Information and Results. Upon completion of testing copies of all test reports conducted by any of the involved parties shall be made available to all participants.